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Our client Mas Errázuriz carried out this test in which, according to their calculations and considering losses due to turbulence and standard joints in the market, this tunnel should be fed with 02 fans of 140 kW and 02 ducts of 1100mm in diameter with which they expected to obtain 13 .5 m3/sec in total at the outlet of both ducts, in this case at the work front.

Once the tests have been carried out and thanks to the good performance of the PROTAN Ducts , the system with only 01 duct and a fan provides the necessary flow in the work front required by the project and could even reduce the power demanded from the fan by exceeding what is required.

Below you can see details of the test


AMV was the first company in the world to produce a jumbo with computerized drilling control. Today we offer a range of advanced technology jumbos for all sections, from small tunnels of 15m 2 to large equipment for sections of up to 170 m.

Caserones Case Conclusions:

All things being equal, a PROTAN duct delivered 3 times more air to the forehead than the competition.

The client may have eliminated a fan and duct on the project.


Although the cost of the Protan duct was higher, the ventilation cost (Duct + Fans + Power + Installation) is substantially lower with PROTAN.


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